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“I’ve had bad eyesight for years. In fact, at one time, I couldn’t read the largest “E” on the eye chart even with my glasses, which were very powerful. I went to many other doctors. They all said they couldn’t do anything for me and just blocked off one side of my glasses. Dr. Everhart thought differently. She suggested we try surgery. The results were a miracle! My vision is better now than it has been my entire life. I have 20/40 vision without my glasses. That’s a big leap from where I was. I am eternally grateful for her skill and care.”
–Sophie Stidham

“I have lived behind ‘coke bottle’ glasses for 61 years. After cataract surgery, I now can see vivid details, especially when I walk outside and enjoy nature. It’s so much easier to use binoculars on bird-watching trips without the pressure of glasses against my face. One of the nicest and most unexpected parts of having cataract surgery has come from friends. They keep saying that they‘ve never been able to see how pretty my eyes were before! The cataract surgery was painless and has given me a new freedom and confidence.”
–Mary Raymond, Toric Lens

“Before cataract surgery, I wore glasses since the 6th grade. One eye was very blurry; the other was not as bad. There was a huge discrepancy in my vision.  After surgery, I was able to return to work immediately. And, I do not have that ‘seasick’ sensation of mismatched eyes.”
–Linda Gibson, Restor lens

"I was absolutely overwhelmed with my experience in Dr. Everhart's care. She and her staff have given my life a new meaning. I can see again! I am so very fortunate to have been treated by her. Thank you so much!" -04/01/2012

"Dr. Everhart has earned my trust and thus I trust her treatment plan." -9/26/2012

"Dr.Everhart and her staff are very competent, courteous and caring. Could have not had a better experience with all contacts with Dr. Everhart ! Thank you!" - 11/1/2012

"I have never been more satisfied with a physician's office, much less a surgeon. The word surgery itself is scary but I was put at ease immediately and could not wait until the other eye was corrected. Thank you for your caring." -01/24/2013
"Everyone should have a Doctor like Dr. Everhart. An outstanding personality and very knowledgeable." - 4/25/2013
"The overall best care I have ever experienced.  Nothing left unexplained and a Generous amount of time with the Doctor.  I highly recommend Dr Everhart to all.  In my 63 years I have never been to a kinder,caring or a more knowledgeable Doctor."  - 05/23/2013

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